Monday, January 31, 2011

It's not to late to order seeds---

Below is a list of some Seed Companies, that
you can contact, and have them send you
a catalog. In the middle of the winter, it
is great to stay indoors and look at the
pictures and dream of what you garden will
look like come spring time. Your local nurseries
are a great place to buy most of your plants,
but seed catalogs will give you more options.
Make sure you get seeds that will grow in
your area.

Seed Links

Burpee Seed

Park Seed

Stokes Seed

Johnny's Selected Seeds


Terroir Seeds

Virtual Seed Company--Selma, Oregon

Seeds of Change

Little Grayback Farm---Selma, Oregon

Territorial Seed Company---Cottage Grove, Oregon

Sow Organic Seeds---Williams, Oregon

Victory Seeds---Molalla, Oregon

Nichols Garden Nursery---Albany, Oregon